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June 20, 2012 – Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of previous meeting of May 16th read by Liz

  1. New directors to be named soon, possibly they will have a meeting before next general meeting and jobs/roles allocated
  2. Case studies reported by Shirley.
    Discussion issue as to calls regarding deer dead on their property and appropriate disposal. Shirley to talk to Howard Houle, Regional district director
  3. Need for fundraising event (and fundraiser person) proposed by Billie. There have been unexpected rate hikes, eg ads and articles in local papers. There are funds but there is need for greater contingency fund for the year. Discussion as to cost ($46 month) for the 2 pagers and possible change to Shaw.
  4. Report by Joanna. Her visit to the Grade 3 Class at the school to talk about Growls and answer questions from the children. Idea brought forward as to a ‘name the eagle’ contest for the children at a future event
  5. Report by Nicky on the Meeting of the Registered Charities & Societies. Discussion on the issues of liability of the directors and bylaws, and meaning of Registration vs Incorporation.
  6. Brochure funded by the Islands Trust presented. ‘ Living with Eagles a guide for property owners of Gabriola. Also bear brochures from Bear Aware and Metro Vancouver courtesy of Get Bear Smart in Whistler.
  7. Darlene has suggested that a GROWLS subcommittee be struck to deal the bear on Gabriola and she would be happy to take part. Last sighting at Spring Beach on May 27th
  8. New map from Gallt presented – available at artworks Marcelle’s seal pup figurines presented $15 for a pup and $20 for a pup on a piece of driftwood
  9. Thank you cards sent from GROWLS to Colleen (Colleen’s fashion store) and to Darryl (Farmers Market)
  10. Letter of Support to WRNBC sent from GROWLS regarding their position taken against the latest Provincial Government proposals for Rehabilitation Centres. This letter was previously sent out to all GROWLS Volunteers.

Meeting adjourned 3 p.m. Next meeting Wednesday July 18, 2012 1 p.m. Rollo Centre

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