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September 19, 2012 – Minutes of Meeting


  1. Minutes read from August meeting .


  1. Carmel gave a report on the proceeds from Jail & Bail Fundraiser at Commons Fall Fair pledges $2,145 Plus approx $165 of pledges to come. Fundraiser very successful. Especial thanks to ‘prisoner’ Corporal Trevor McKay, also to Tawny Capon for the eagle display, Betty Lou Hagen with wildlife cards, and to Ken Capon and Cherryl Reed for loan of their canopy & tablesA ‘thank you’ card will be sent to Corporal McKay and a small gift of a wooden eagle wall plaque made & donated by P&G Wood Creations. . Well done Carmel, thank you from all of us for the great idea, the funds that were raised and the fun day at the fair.
  2. Case Studies from the last 2 months read by Shirley. Highlights – quiet summer with calls on 4 seals only; increase in deer hit and dead fawns on the road, particularly by firehall No 2 on South road; deer trapped in the kitchen of Silva Bay restaurant; 2 birds taken to the island wildlife; fawn with arrow through neck. Possible sighting in the area and the arrow was gone, neighbours continue to monitor.Re: Seals: if the pup seals go up on shore at this time they are in trouble, as they are not feeding adequately. They will not cry as they have been weaned.
  3. The Weather Network website showed what they reported as whale herding by the whale watching boat in Dodd narrows. GROWLS emailed to the DFO for follow up and /or clarification of the photo and the intent of the whale watching boats. The minimum distance to whales by the public is 100 M.
  4. A committee to be struck to investigate where deer and fawns are hit by cars on the island. Discussion as to the need of ‘caution’ signs in high crossing area. Discussion as to prevention - ICBC’s deer whistles in cars. Committee members to be: Iain Lawrence,, Joanna Mackenzie, Carmel Briscoe, Donna Thorvaldson.
  5. Joanna reported seeing a cougar by her home on Daniel Way earlier this year. It was reported to the RAPP Line.
  6. Discussion as to need for Closure on Gabriola of the Bow only season ( Aug 25 to Sept 9) and concern for the current Youth only hunting season for antlerless deer (Sept 10 toDec 10th) Bow hunting regulations seem confusing. Iain will look into the bow hunting regulations and report back.


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