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Gini Green

Injured Mudge Island Eagles Released


Spike, the last of two eagles rescued on Mudge Island was released August 28 2014 after emergency surgery and more than a month of rehabilitation.

He was one of two eagles found stuck together in July by Mudgekins Dave …

Another Seal Pup Saved

Thanks to the caring people of Gabriola and the quick response of GROWLS, a baby seal is safe. At 7:45 last night GROWLS received a report of a baby seal in trouble on the rocks along Berry Point Rd. There


The first rescued seal pup this season on Gabriola occurred last night at Berry Point. A huge thank you to those that reported this seal pup. Let us introduce you to "Destiny's Child" (pups this years are named after famous

Fawn Season is Upon Us

Doe mothers around the island are in the last stages of their pregnancy and will soon be giving birth to beautiful fawns. The GROWLS Article in the Flying Shingle this week is about this wonderful event. Fawns are so vulnerable …