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Sunday March 29, 2009 was a beautiful sunny day sandwiched between what seemed like endless days of rain, wind and cold. It was windy but the sun shone and a very happy group of poetry and bird lovers gathered at …

Help The Hummers!

What an earth are hummingbirds doing here on Gabriola in the middle of winter? A number of people will have the Anna’s hummingbird at their feeders this winter and will be wondering why that is. This hummingbird has for some …

The Turkey Vulture

Photos taken at Annie's Acres
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The Turkey Vulture is probably one of Gabriola Island’s least appreciated and most misunderstood residents. Their strange appearance is bound to conjure up feelings of …

Geneva found around one day old

Geneva’s Conventions

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Geneva is a beautiful city in Switzerland known for the Geneva Convention. One meaning of convention is rule, method or practice established by usage.Geneva was the name given to a …