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Meeting Minutes

AGM – Thursday, May 18, 2017

“Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal, their world is changed forever”



WHEN              Thursday, May 18, 2017

WHERE            Roxy Theatre @ Twin Beaches Mall


June 15 2016 – Minutes of meeting

In attendance:  Liz Ciocea,   Eileen Edwards,  Vicki MacDonald,  Jane Giffin,  Joanna Mackenzie.  Iain Lawrence

Minutes from last meeting accepted

Case Studies: May 18th – June 15th

Thank you Shirley

read by Iain:

2 Ravens - making 4 in …

May 18 2016 – Minutes of meeting


  1. GROWLS FINANCIAL REPORT presented by treasurer Vicki McDonald.

Fiscal year February 01,2015 to January 31,2016 Thank you Vicki.

2   Animals taken into care; April 20, 2016 to May …

April 20 2016 – Minutes of meeting

In attendance: Jane Giffin, Liz Steele, Andy Rollerson, Vicki McDonald, Iain Lawrence, Shirley Highfill, Liz Ciocea

1.Minutes from March reviewed

  1. TREASURERS REPORT- Hand out showing a very successful Love Is In The Air event. All bills paid and a profit

September 16 2015 – Minutes of meeting

Present: Liz,Jane,Iain,Shirley,Janice,Joanna,Sharon,Vicki,Frank

Shirley Highfill's pager calls report:

Shirley is handing over the pager position after a long busy time of handling many calls  and rescue situations.This has been another very active summer with many deer rescue calls.It seems that several …

May 20 2015 – Minutes of meeting

In Attendance:  Liz Ciocea, Andy Rollerson, Vicki MacDonald, Shirley Highfill, Nicki Westarp, Jane Giffin, Iain Lawrence, Liz Steele (minutes)

Last Month’s Minutes:  Jane asked for her last name to be corrected to Giffin (in agenda too).  No other concerns were …

April 15 2015 – Minutes of meeting

Present Iain Lawrence, Jane Giffin, Shirley Highfill, Liz Ciocea, Joanna McKenzie, Nicki Westarp. Called to order at 1pm.

Minutes of last meeting were read, amended to say that Carol Hemrich agreed to stay on as director. Carried.

Case studies

Deer …

March 18 2015 – Minutes of meeting

In attendance:

Iain Lawrence, Liz Ciocea, Nicki Westarp, Shirley Highfill, Joanna Mackenzie, Liz Steele, Andy Rollerson, Karen Dubois, Vicki McDonald, Eileen Kaarsemaker, Fred Kaarsemaker


1.Minutes of February meeting were read and checked for errors and  omissions.Reviewed  and accepted.


February 18 2015 – Minutes of meeting

In attendance:

                   Nicky Westarp, Shirley Highfill, Iain Lawrence, Joanna Mackenzie, Terry Hurst,

Liz Ciocea

  1. Treasurer Report: Nicky Westarp reports donations come in from Canada Helps and we currently have over $5000.00 in our savings account. All bills are paid up.

January 21 2015 – Minutes of meeting

Present:  Liz Ciocea, JoanneaMackenzie, Shirley Highfill, Iain Lawrence, Eileen Kaarsemaker

Case Studies Report from Pager to Jan 2015.  Shirley Highfill:

  1. Eagle altercation – resolved.
  2. Two deer hit on North Rd. RCMP called.  Also two deer dead on private property –