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Make a Donation

While GROWLS is a volunteer organization, there are numerous expenses which can not be expected to be covered at all times by the organization’s generous on-island members. To wit:

  1. off-island transportation costs incurred in getting wildlife to rehabilitation centres (e.g. ferry fees, vehicle mileage, etc.);
  2. purchase and maintenance of rescue equipment (e.g. safety apparel, catch poles, cages, etc.);
  3. re-stocking of perishable/consumable items (e.g. safety gloves, anti-septic wash, homeopathic solutions);
  4. administrative costs (e.g. web site fees, printer cartridges, advertising); and
  5. training costs (e.g. seminar attendance, seminar hosting, guest speakers).


Here is how you can donate financially to the betterment of our wildlife:

  1. Send a cheque or money order made out to:
    GROWLS, P.O. Box 334, Gabriola Island, BC, V0R 1X0;
  2. On-line donations can be made through A tax receipt is provided;
  3. Participate in our local fundraising projects (garage sales, educational sessions, event kiosks – there is always a Donation can present!);
  4. Consider a lasting legacy. Your will is a great place to display your intentions to help wildlife after you have gone.

 Here is how you can donate physically to the betterment of our wildlife:

  1. Attend a GROWLS training session (given bi-annually) with intentions in aiding in wildlife rescues;
  2. Volunteer your time and/or presence to assist in GROWLS non-rescue activities (e.g. kiosk-staffing, community involvement).

Our wildlife population thanks you for making this island animal-aware and sensitive to emergency wildlife needs!