Rescue Kit Contents

The following items comprise a ‘Standard’ GROWLS Rescue Kit:

Printable Format

  1. TUB, with cover: both ventilated and marked as GROWLS property and showing phone number 250-714-7101;
  2. GLOVES – 1 pr leather, 1 pr rubber gauntlet, minimum 3 pairs no-latex medical;
  3. VEST, Safety, 2;
  4. SAFETY CONE – 1;
  5. Hand SANITIZER – 1 bottle;
  6. Rescue PROTOCOLS – 1 ea. For raccoon, eagle, seal, fawn, heron;
  7. EMERGENCY CONTACT Sheet – plasticized;
  8. Homeopathics – Aconite/H2O spray bottle, Arnica drops;
  9. Clipboard – plus pen and (min 3) Rescue Report sheets;
  10.  Garbage Bag – large + orange;
  11.  Sign – Monitoring (if available);
  12.  Towel(s);
  13.  Ice cream pail (empty + ventilated = for small creatures/ birds), 2 brown paper bags (small birds).

It is also suggested that the following might prove useful:

  • Magic Markers (thick nib, permanent ink), scissors, Tide Charts.

All these tub contents could be encased in a bag of some sort so that when the time comes to put something alive into the tub, the animal doesn’t have so many things to play with!

Kit re-supply (e.g. rubber gloves, towels, homeopathic reloads, etc.) will be coordinated through Liz @ 247 – 8805.



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