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Seal Pup Tips

Seal PupShould you encounter a lone seal pup, above the tide line or stranded on rocks near the shore, call GROWLS EMERGENCY PAGER 250 714-7101. A GROWLS volunteer will come and assess if this seal pup should be rescued.


  • DO NOT touch, move, disturb, or harass the seal pup
  • DO NOT try to feed the seal
  • DO NOT pour water on the seal often they are on shore to dry off
  • DO NOT force the seal pup into the water


  • DO stay a safe distance away from the seal
  • DO keep pets and children away to avoid harmful interaction
  • DO observe the condition, size, and especially the location of the seal pup
  • DO call GROWLS 250 714-7101. This number is a pager, and you will have a full 80 seconds in which to leave a message. Please speak clearly and leave the following information:
    1. your name
    2. your telephone contact
    3. clear and concise directions as to where the seal pup can be found (in case we cannot reach you by phone). If you are unfamiliar with the area and do not know the local names then please advise the street address of the closest house and where the sighting was in relation to that. If at all possible, please stay at the address until the GROWLS volunteer arrives.

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